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New Pixar movie RATATOUILLE is awesome! We’ve got it, plus feasts and more!

Whoah! RATATOUILLE is Great! We saw it Monday night thanks to the folks at Aint It Cool and Disney, and it's the best kids movie for grown-ups since, well, THE INCREDIBLES. And speaking of which, Brad Bird was kind enough to tape an intro for the movie where he said a lot of kind words about the Alamo. So we appreciate that.

Of course if we are showing a food related movie we have to have food involved. So when you see RATATOUILLE at the Alamo South Lamar (opens June 29), think about checking out the RATATOUILLE Family Feast, which will have seperate menus for adults (with wine for the grown ups and a high-end soda or juice flight for the kids).

Also, you will be able to enjoy fine dining, including Ratatouille at every show of RATATOUILLE at The Alamo South through July 12.

Here are Trish and Shivann, our distinguished food preparers:

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