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The New Highball - A South Lamar Update

A brief update on construction at the South Lamar site, plus some information about the new Highball. 

The New Highball - A South Lamar Update

Before I get to the new Highball, let me get you up to speed on what has been happening at the construction site: Not much. Well, that may be a tad glib, but for those of us who are anxious about the re-opening of the Alamo South Lamar, it seems as if progress at the construction site is happening at a snail’s pace.

As you can see from the photo above, it looks like the area where building one is going to be built (directly in front of the Alamo theater building) has been graded and some foundational work has begun (looks like the start of some pilings). The area for building two (which borders Treadwell) continues to see progress on what looks like the parking lot ramp. The crane that is going to be erected here still hasn’t been put up yet,  though its foundation has been laid.

Building three is the one that shares some structural elements with the Alamo and is the place where most of the action seems to be taking place. As you can see from the photo above, a structure is definitely taking shape. And the common wall that the lobby/Highball will share with building three is in the process of being built; when I was taking these pictures, the concrete forms for that wall were being put in place. All told, this is great to see happening because the sooner this building gets up, the sooner work on the Alamo will begin.

And now to the Highball. I have some details on this new space that is pretty exciting. First, every body knows that the Highball is losing bowling. But the lanes will be with the Highball in spirit as they have been salvaged and will be reused for the bar top, dance floor, some benches and, according to the architects, “a wood ceiling element.”

As for what is going to be familiar to the Highball of old, we’re looking at seven karaoke rooms of various sizes (1 downstairs and 6 upstairs), a ballroom with dance floor and stage which will be immediately adjacent to the bar (unlike the old Highball where the bar and the ballroom were in separate areas).  There will also be a lounge area with seating in the same orientation from the ballroom as in the old Highball.

One last thing to note is that the new Highball will have formal outdoor patio that will be a part of the Highball proper. It will have a “multi-slide window and door system” that will allow it to be opened to the plaza area in front of the Highball, or be enclosed for private events.

So these are the things we have to look forward to at the new Highball. And in due time, we will be watching them be built before our very eyes!


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