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Nerds! Throw Down At The Fantastic Fest Nerd Rap Battle!

Here's your chance to live like the baller you've always wanted to be.

Nerds! Throw Down At The Fantastic Fest Nerd Rap Battle!

Every year the Nerd Rap Battle at the Highball is one of the highlights of Fantastic Fest, and this is your chance to throw down with the best of them. Read about it!


Nerds! Here is your chance to live like the baller you’ve (not-so) secretly always wanted to be by combining your encyclopedic knowledge of movies with that rap flow you’ve been working on for years in your mom’s basement! Fatboy Roberts, your fellow movie-obsessed basement dweller, has also been hard at work for years… making transcendent, funkified remixes of his favorite movie, TV show, and video game themes — everything from Star Wars to Barney Miller, the Princess Bride to Super Mario Bros. His Geek: Remixed albums are things of beauty all their own, but here’s where you come in, would-be gift of gabbers: We want you to throw down and perform a rap to a Fatboy Roberts track in our all-out Battle Royale for nerd lyrical supremacy at Fantastic Fest!

But before you go all 8 Mile on us, son, let’s review the rules.

1. You must perform a rap* to a Fatboy Roberts track of your own choosing. Check out the tracks here.
*Or your definition of “rap” — just make it good, kehd!

2. Practice it. This is a real competition.

3. Submit a video of your best performance to [email protected].

4. Submissions will be whittled down to a smaller group, and those finalists get to audition all-the-way-live and in person for the NERD RAP judges.

5. The best rappers (you can also dance, too, Humpty) will be selected to perform at the mega-epic official Fantastic Fest NERD RAP par-tay at The Highball on Sept 23. There, the audience will decide the One True Winner (aka the person who will probably get laid that night).

After the competition, grab a microphone and geek out with Nerdeoke on our main stage with a catalog of nerd classics, including Doctor Demento, Weird Al Yankovic and Buckner & Garcia.

The event is open to the public but contestants must be Fantastic Fest badge-holders. Read all about more Fantastic Fest signature events here


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