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Ritz’s Music Monday has it all, including Canadian punk rockers and Ringo Starr in role as The Pope!

Music Monday features great classic and contemporary documentaries, narrative films, and more!

Ritz’s Music Monday has it all, including Canadian punk rockers and Ringo Starr in role as The Pope!

Loyal Music Monday mods, rockers, and just plain die-hard aficionados know that our long-running late night Monday series at the Ritz features the best music documentaries alongside the most memorable musicals, with the occasional straight-up concert film or curiosity tossed into the mix. We pride ourselves on bringing in titles both new and old, striking a balance that brings the house down and expresses our love all things music! Tonight (11/19) and next week’s (11/26) Music Monday selections are exciting examples of this eclectic selection and achievement of perfect balance of our programming in action!

TONIGHT – 11/19 @ 11:00 PM: HARD CORE LOGO (Bruce McDonald, 1996)

Hailed as a punk rock version of THIS IS SPINAL TAP, Bruce McDonald’s HARD CORE LOGO is largely considered to be one of the greatest Canadian films of all time. A mock documentary about a punk rock band reuniting for one final tour through Western Canada, what unveils itself onscreen is a fiction too real to be fake and a reality too strange to be true. The complete devolution of punk rock music plays out onscreen in screamed lyrics and fists thrown at both audience members and fellow bandmates. The film itself is a ghostly, tongue in cheek echo of John Lydon’s closing remarks at their January 1978 concert, the last that Sid Vicious would ever play with The Sex Pistols: “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” Despite all the sincerity and good will that HCL's band members put forth towards their long-awaited reunion tour, which accounts for the film’s primary narrative, no one ever said a house built on rock ‘n’ roll was structurally sound. Originally released by Quentin Tarantino’s Rolling Thunder Pictures, HARD CORE LOGO is a too-oft forgotten modern classic. (Sam Prime)


NEXT MONDAY – 11/26 @ 10:45 PM: LISZTOMANIA (Ken Russell, 1975)

Co-presented by the Warner Archive Collection

The most fantastical, bawdy, synth-adelic, opulent and outré film ever from the '70s most audacious cinematic enfant terrible! Following the huge success of TOMMY, Ken Russell next tackled one of his trademark composer biographies -- and the result was the life of Franz Liszt as channeled through Superman comics, 10-foot phalluses, glittery hoedowns, Frankenstein, METROPOLIS, Ringo Starr as “The Pope”(!), and a stupendous list of other impossible stuff. Portrayed by Roger Daltrey, Liszt is at first shown as a 19th-century equivalent to Daltrey’s real-life brand of rock ‘n roll animal -- but, of course, Russell gleefully ramps every piece of sensory input to 11, pitting Liszt as a superhero priest sent to annihilate the scourge of vampiric Nazi mad scientist Richard Wagner. Woefully misunderstood and critically savaged upon its original release, LISZTOMANIA is one hell of a good time, and exemplifies a kind of radical chance-taking Hollywood can’t even conceive of today -- the kind that Russell couldn’t conceive of not bringing to the screen. (Cinefamily)


So, what are you waiting for? Come on downtown to the Ritz this Monday and next for a double-dose of music mayhem like you won’t find anywhere else in Austin – right here with us at the Alamo Drafthouse!

Tickets for HARD CORE LOGO (11/19) are available here.

Tickets for LISZTOMANIA (11/26) are available here.

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