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Moviefone debates horror classics with Zack Carlson & Lars Nilsen!

[caption align="alignright" width="308.5" caption=""They're coming to get you, Barbara!""][/caption]The title of the blog alone is enough to confuse most attendees of Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday. For those who know Zack and Lars, you know that their knowledge of the scary and the weird in film rivals most, so when the fine folks at Moviefone put together a list of the Top 20 Most Iconic Horror Scenes of All Time, they were even nervous about Zack and Lars' reactions! Still, being the fine folks that they are, and always up for a debate, they allowed Zack and Lars to contribute to their project.

Moviefone will be releasing an iconic horror scene every day on their blog, and each week, Zack or Lars will chime in with some commentary! Zack tackled scenes #20-#15 over the weekend, and Moviefone has his comments here!

So head on over to Moviefone's list, check out Zack's comments, and let us know what you think the most iconic horror scenes are! Maybe you need to sit down, pop a couple of tapes in your VCR and watch a few scary movies to trigger your memory, or maybe you have a few scenes that will haunt you 'til the day you die! Either way, I wouldn't know. I'm too much of a baby to watch scary movies. Sad but TRUE!

So thanks, Moviefone, for giving me the heebie jeebies with every clip you posted! We'll blog again when Moviefone unveils numbers #14-#10 and Lars shares his thoughts! Also, at the end of their list, Zack and Lars will share their favorite scenes from cult horror films (what they know best) with Moviefone, so stay tuned for all sorts of spookiness.


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