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Mile High Sci-Fi and Alamo Drafthouse Team Up To Bring Laughter to Littleton

You've heard of Mile High Sci-Fi, now see them in the comfort of your favorite Littleton theater. 

Mile High Sci-Fi and Alamo Drafthouse Team Up To Bring Laughter to Littleton

At the Alamo Drafthouse, we have a strict no talking policy. But once and awhile, we bend that rule a little, and allow audiences to sing, dance, and quote-along.  However, there’s someone we’ve allowed to completely shatter our sacred law, and that’s Mile High Sci-Fi.

Mile High Sci-Fi has quickly become a Colorado comedy institution, appearing at Denver Film Center, Cinebarre, the Oriental Theater, and the Starz Film Center at the Tivoli. Now, they’ve come to crash at the Drafthouse, bringing their rapid fire commentary to flicks both bad (QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE) and beloved (ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK). They made their debut at the Drafthouse this summer with STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN, and it’s been a match made in movie heaven.

Mile High Sci-Fi takes the Alamo experience to heart. It’s not all jokes with these guys, as they make every screening a live and immersive experience.   They stage games and contests, bring in actors and guest commenters, wear costumes, create their own soundtrack and sound effects, and produce props.

But yes – they do talk during the movie.  Be prepared, and don’t be surprised when they take no prisoners with the hapless actors onscreen.

Sure, this is the sort of thing MST3K made legend, but the fun of seeing Mile High Sci-Fi is experiencing it live and loose.  It’s a combination of seeing a live comedy show, and watching a movie at a big party with your best friends.   

This August and September, Mile High Sci-Fi is teaming up with Alamo Drafthouse Littleton for TEEN WOLF on Wednesday, August 7 at 7:00PM, with THE TERMINATOR, and FLASH GORDON to follow.  Watch our Facebook and Twitter for the announcements of dates, times, and ticket sales, as well as updates on contests, games, and special guests for each event.    We hope you’ll join us – and be ready to sing some Queen, dunk a basketball, or find John Connor – for what will be a hilarious finale to the summer blockbuster season.

For more information on Mile High Sci-Fi, check out their official website and Facebook page.


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