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Meet Brian Dressel, Midnight Cowboy Manager

And see the Midnight Cowboy menu, space and pictures of the delicious drinks!

Meet Brian Dressel, Midnight Cowboy Manager

Meet Brian Dressel, manager of the Midnight Cowboy, formerly of FINO, East Side Showroom and Bar Congress. Brian is responsible for making your stay at the Midnight Cowboy as pleasant as possible. Bill Norris, our Beverage Director, is responsible for making your stay as tasty as possible. You can watch a video of Bill teaching you how to make a cocktail that will impress your friends here. Read all about the launch of Midnight Cowboy here

The Midnight Cowboy offers a tremendous variety of some of the most delicious, high-quality cocktails you've ever had. Check out this menu!

I'm happy to say I've tried most of these extraordinary libations, and every single one of them is a success. The Joe Buck is my favorite. I love the barware. It stays cold for ages - although good luck making your drink last that long.

The Pisco Sourgrass is incredibly fresh, light and frothy. 

Here we have the Kalamazoo Julep, Lindsey's Lament, The Jinx Remover, Joe Buck and the Pisco Sourgrass.

The drinks and service are both exceptional, but the setting also sets Midnight Cowboy apart. The former brothel was polished up by interior designer Joel Mozersky.

Look at this bar, people!

In addition to the common room, Midnight Cowboy offers private booths that can be reserved for parties of 6-8.

If you'd like to make a reservation for the Midnight Cowboy on 6th street, go here

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