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Putting a Lid on it - A South Lamar Update

Work on the roof of the new Alamo South Lamar has begun!

Putting a Lid on it - A South Lamar Update

Things are really taking shape at the new Alamo South Lamar location (select here to see a higher resolution banner image above). The cinder block walls dividing the three new theaters are very close to completion and work has started on the roof of the building. So let’s start our tour from the plaza area in front of the entrance to the lobby.

The exterior of the building is coming along with metal wall studs having been installed almost completely across the front of the structure. Some glass mat sheathing has also been installed to one part of the exterior wall, right next to the plaza area. 

Looking through where the lobby doors would be we can see a steel beam structures in the middle of the space giving a hint of where the Highball bar and lobby ticket booth will be located. This is going to be a structure that will partially divide the Highball from the lobby. 

Once in the lobby, we take a left turn and see the hallway that will lead to the theaters. In the distance you can see where the new hallway will enter the old building.

Here are the first two theaters that are encountered when walking down the hallway towards the original space. These will be the smaller of the new theaters being built and will have approximately 50 seats.

Here is the entrance to the new larger theater being built. It comes immediately before the entrance to the original building.

Turning left at the end of the entrance to this new theater gives us a full view of this space. The wall we are facing is where the screen will be located. This theater will have approximately 60 seats.

This photo is taken from inside the same theater in front of the exit you can see on the right wall in the previous photo. It gives a good perspective of work on the roof and the shared wall between the three theaters. The Alamo will be responsible for building all the seat risers and other internal structures when the building is turned over to them. This will happen only after the building is in a state where it can be secured (i.e. the roof and all exterior walls are completed).

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