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Latex, cookies and calamari…opening night of WATCHMEN

I love going to big opening night movies at the Alamo. Every auditorium at Village and South Lamar last night was filled with nothing but Watchmen fans of all description, and the excitement in the room was palpable. When polled, only a handful of attendees hadn't every read the book, and they were clearly brought to be enlightened by their significant others.

The kitchen has put together some great specials for the weekend, an electric blueberry Dr. Manhattan Milkshake, hand-detailed Watchmen Cookies, and a delicious calamari plate that I devoured last night. Lars assembled a killer comprehensive Watchmen preshow, and we we've got cool Watchmen shirts and copies of the graphic novel for sale at the box office. WATCHMEN will continue screening for a good long while at both Village and Lamar this month. Check it out. It's a lot of fun, especially at the Alamo. (Tim)

Check out photos from the opening night fun on the Alamo Flickr site

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