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South Lamar Update: Patios, Concrete Pouring and more…

The most noticeable activity at South Lamar this past week has been going on inside the Highball.

South Lamar Update: Patios, Concrete Pouring and more…

While much fine tuning continues around the new South Lamar building, the Highball continues to see pretty major changes, most notably in the patio area under building three. 

But the first thing I noticed upon approaching South Lamar was that the scaffolding that was around building three has been removed.

The next thing I noticed was the line of workers busying themselves on the outside of the patio area of the Highball. This is the first time this wall has been opened since it went up in December of last year.

Turning around, the road that accesses Lamar Boulevard has had more concrete poured than we saw last week.

Stepping inside the building, the lobby ceiling is getting speakers installed. The cables hanging from the ceiling will be sued to suspend the flying saucers and other additions to what used to be hanging from the ceiling in the original South Lamar lobby.

Inside the Highball, decorative fixtures are already starting to be installed. In this shot you can see one of the original Highball’s chandeliers in place. As work inside the Highball progresses, we should see more of the design elements from the original Highball returning to this new space.

Behind me, work on the patio area is progressing rapidly, with the patio wall and windows being put in place.  Also note the steel framing and air conditioning duct work.

The Highball’s stage has light rigging installed and the paneling of the back wall is complete.

A view of the Highball from the stage.

A view down the new theater hallway, looking towards the lobby.

Work has begun on the new front rows for theaters  four and five (originally called theaters one and two). Here we see the early stages for the new front rows in theater five.

Upstairs in the new booth, insulation is being stuffed in the ceiling and gear is starting to be put in place. 

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