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Lake Creek to Tap a Cask of Saint Arnold’s Oktoberfest this Friday Night!

You might be wondering "what is Cask conditioned ale?".  Cask conditioned Ale, commonly referred to as "Real Ale", is unfiltered, unpasteurized beer that still contains live yeast and is allowed to mature naturally in a cask or  " firkin" after it has been filled directly from the fermenter at the brewery. The brewer takes special care of the cask, often adding more hops, yeast, or special experimental ingredients to create a unique, non-commercial drink not available on tap anywhere else. This process creates a gentle, natural CO2 carbonation and allows the malt and hop character to develop resulting in a richer tasting pint of beer.

"Real Ale" is always served without any extraneous gas, usually by manually pulling it with a hand pump known as a beer engine. This is the traditional way of brewing and serving beer, and makes for a unique and small batch flavor you cannot beat. Lake Creek's beer engine has been in use at the cinema for about 6 months now, and it is extremely popular. We tap a fresh cask every Friday night!

This coming Friday, March 4th, we will be tapping a rare cask of Saint Arnold's Oktoberfest. The Saint Arnold's brewery in Houston has been brewing their Oktoberfest  since 1997 using three different types of Munich-style malt and two central European noble hop varieties, Czech Saaz and Hallertauer. If you have been missing the rich caramel flavor of Oktoberfest (I know I  have), then here is your chance to enjoy it fresh from the firkin in March at Lake Creek!

Last Friday we tapped a cask of Ranger Creek Brewery and Distillery's Oatmeal Pale Ale. This is from a new brewery in San Antonio that is also distilling their own Whiskey. Head Brewer Rob Landerman personally filled our firkin with his fresh ale and added by hand another pound of Citra Hops! We still have a few pints left of this delicious ale, so come on out a have a fresh pint with us!

Some of the exciting  upcoming Ales that will be served from  the cask system at Lake Creek include firkins filled by hand from breweries such as Harpoon in Boston, Mass, Great Divide in Denver, Co, Lefthand in Longmont, Co, New Belgium in Fort Collins, Co, and another fine Ranger Creek Ale from San Antonio, Tx. We have been working closely with local breweries such as the  (512) and Real Ale breweries right here in Austin to offer their wonderful cask conditioned beers as well. I will keep you updated on the current selections, as well as a cask club that is in the works to give Austin beer enthusiasts a chance to sample these special ales first!

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