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Join us this month for a MARVEL-OUS Cartoon Cereal Party!

We’re showcasing cartoons from four decades of MARVEL-OUS  animation.

Join us this month for a MARVEL-OUS Cartoon Cereal Party!

I can still remember the anticipation that grew in the weeks leading up to the release of the X-MEN cartoon that ran on Saturday mornings beginning Halloween 1992. For weeks, my friends and I would sit on the playground hypothesizing on which characters the cartoon would feature or what storylines would be adapted. This was before the Internet is what it is today and the only clues we had to the nature of the cartoon where the snippets of advertising that ran between episodes of TAZ-MANIA and TINY TOON ADVENTURES. And then the cartoon premiered and it was glorious.

In celebration of the release of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 and X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (tickets now on sale!), the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is proud to present the return of the Cartoon Cereal Party! Two-hours of Marvel Comics-themed cartoons and all-you-can eat cereal await you in this action-packed, spandex-filled block of entertainment. Relive the glory days where you could sit motionless for an absurdly long time, cram your maw full of high-sugar treats and watch as your favorite comic book heroes made the leap to living, breathing animation. And the best part? No parents to yell at you to get off your butt and cut the grass!

We’re showcasing cartoons from four decades of Marvel animation history. From the 1967 animated adventures of Spider-Man to the most recent cartoons featuring the X-Men and The Avengers, you’ll thrill to the small-screen exploits of Marvel’s finest on the big screen! You’re in store for slightly over two hours of cartoon bliss and sugar heaven. I hope you packed your lucky spoon.

Buy your tickets for Houston here!

Buy your tickets for Kansas City Here!

Buy your tickets for Lubbock here!

To get you pumped up for this month’s Cartoon Cereal Party, here are some great vintage Marvel advertisements you might have seen playing when you watched these cartoons the first time.


Proof that having Mystique sell Hardee's burgers is not a new thing:


I love how this commerical insinuates that Doctor Strange has his own evil Spider-Man clone:



Only in the '90s would Jubilee be considered one of the eight greatest superheros:



No snark for this one. I just want this toy:



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