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Horror Remix: Health Care is 100 percent medically accurate this October

HORROR REMIX: HEALTH CARE kicks off a one-two punch of Horror Remix programing at the Houston Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas for October. Don't miss two hours of remixed, recut trash horror emceed by your favorite puppets — Thunderclap and Cheesecake. 

Horror Remix: Health Care is 100 percent medically accurate this October

This month the folks at Horror Remix are hard at work putting together new twisted remixes to entertain their devoted fans with so we’re pulling a classic program from our favorite puppet emcees, Thunderclap and Cheesecake, from the vaults. HORROR REMIX: HEATH CARE is two hours of 100 percent medically accurate horror — remixed and recut for your enjoyment.

While HORROR REMIX: HEALTH CARE will pull from a variety of different films, at its core will be three classic (and mostly forgotten) horror films.


A Canadian thriller, VISITING HOURS stars Michael Ironside as a woman-hating stalker who targets a journalist played by Lee Grant. William Shatner has a small cameo.


Former Playmate Barbie Benton stars in this cheesefest slasher film about a young nurse stalked by a spurned lover out to avenge a long-ago Valentine’s Day humiliation. 


A comedy thriller from the days of video horror, THE LAST SLUMBER PARTY may have been forever lost to the sands of obscurity if not for the fine folks at Horror Remix digging it up for their show.

And, as a reminder, the Alamo’s “No Talking and No Texting” rules apply even at Horror Remix. Even if it’s a free screening. We’ve had to remove a few guests over the last few months for breaking this rule so it seems its necessary to remind all fans of Horror Remix to keep the comedy to the puppets on the screen.

As series creator E.J. Anttila says in an online interview about Horror Remix, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and its offshoots have kind of cultivated an idea that B-Movies and trash films can’t be enjoyed without an ongoing stream of jokes at the expense of the film.

“The MST3K guys are working from a script with time cues and they’ve rehearsed their material,” Anttilla says. “You’re not and you didn’t, so we’d appreciate the courtesy if you kept (your jokes) to yourself.”

So if you’re looking for a way to (silently) enjoy some trashy horror films from the ‘80s, look no further than our two October screenings of HORROR REMIX: HEALTH CARE.

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Saturday, October 1 @ 10 PM — Mason Park

Wednesday, October 5 @ 10 PM — West Oaks


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