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Yonkers Construction is in the Home Stretch!

Almost there...

Yonkers Construction is in the Home Stretch!

We've come a long way, baby. We're thrilled to share a taste of this year's blood, sweat and tears coming all together on Central Ave. 

Our lobby in decking out stages. 

A close-up of our old familiar meeting spot, looking remarkably classier these days thanks to some fancy deco touches. 

Every Alamo has a lobby instillation: Denver's Yeti, Slaughter's Attack-of-the-Plants, and Yonkers is making room for one of our very own. We have a feeling it'll blow you away. Almost literally!

Unfortunately, is not a touch tunnel, but it is a dramatic entrance to another dressed up theater.

Check out those egresses!

Major Micro theater progress.

A reminder that we've set up shop in the parking lot and are accepting applications for servers, bartenders and kitchen staff.  Stop on by or apply online!




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