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HEAVY METAL vs. NEW WAVE! Jeff Krulik and Chuck Statler hit The Ritz!

*%$#LOADS OF VIDEOS with JEFF KRULIK Live! Sun at Ritz


This Sunday and Monday, we'll be showcasing the work of two of the secretly perfect men of American entertainment!

About JEFF KRULIK: Many consider HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT to be one of the defining works of the '80s. And it is. Hilarious, unbelievable and 100% REAL, it's persevered as a truly classic mini doc. But creator Krulik has never stopped chronicling amazing, gut-busting and truly unusual people across the globe. From raging pro wrestlers to Jew-obsessed shut-ins to all-chimpanzee rock bands, Krulik has fearlessly delved into the strangest chasms of the world.

On Sunday, he joins us in person to present selections from his skull-rattling filmography, including monkey manifesto I CREATED LANCELOT LINK, oddball celebrity travelogue ERNEST BORGNINE ON THE BUS, the unstoppable, aforementioned HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT and many more. Buckle in your brainpan for 90 minutes of truer-than-life impossibility!!

About CHUCK STATLER: Devo!! Elvis Costello!! Pere Ubu!! James Chance!! Tiny Tim?? A/V pioneer Chuck Statler has worked with them all, creating the template for music videos before MTV even existed. Beginning with his ambitious work in the '70s and '80s, Statler's vicious dedication to new ideas shines through like a white hot laser, and even his work from 3+ decades ago is STILL ahead of its time. Tonight, he personally brings us a top shelf selection of his most legendary and/or unusual videos. Running the gamut from the beginnings of new wave to the brave new world, Statler is a relentless source of inhuman creativity. You'll be shocked, amused and completely detonated.

Both shows are cheaper than hell and funner than anything else in the world! Get your tickets HERE and HERE!!


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