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Hold on to your hardhats, Yonkers!

Let's have a tour, shall we? Caution: Vivid imagination required upon entry. 

Hold on to your hardhats, Yonkers!

As you may have heard from our fearless leader Tim League (via his recent travelouge) construction in Yonkers is officially ON.  So if you'd like to take a tour of our future home-away-from-home on 2548 Central Park Avenue (riiiiiight past the Burlington Coat Factory, for those of you who get chilly!) put on your imaginary hard hat and follow me because this is about to get real

One day, in the not-so-distant-future, now will be the moment of our tour where I will offer you a beer.  You and I will stand roughly where these cones are, and we'll bask at what is now a very neatly aligned pile of steel, but what will soon become a bewildering wall of beer taps.  So let's grab these imaginary drinks of ours (cheers!) and keep exploring, shall we?


And the moment we've all been waiting for. THIS is where the magic happens. Here is one of six screens where we will most assuredly laugh, weep, drinkfeastsing and marvel at the wonderful world of film together. 


Actually, this is most likely where we'll weep together.  A far more intimate setting for those times when we really gotta let it out. 

Smaller screen

And now for a behind-behind-the-scenes look at what will soon be our beloved kitchen, cooking up goods along the lines of this.  Put your tongue back in your mouth, please! 


And now, before I sign off, I will leave you with some odds-and-ends theatrical relics to ponder before we meet again for another visit.  

Here is a transformer (not to be confused with you know who.)

What NOT to expect in terms of seating. 

Old seats

And our most colorful excavation, thus far. Consider this a placeholder for many posters to come!



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