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HANCOCK Advance Screening tonight at South Lamar

It was UNBELIEVABLE how many people threw their hat in for this screening. Now, I have to ask... is it because it's a free movie? or is it because you know HANCOCK is going to kick major ass? Little from column A, little from column B? Well, the answer should be the major ass kicking, because HANCOCK IS GOING TO KICK MAJOR ASS. Much thanks to Harry Knowles and the AICN crew for making this screening possible.

Below is a list of the folks who are on the list for tonight's show, but these folks MUST claim their ticket by no later than 11:30PM tonight! So, if you are one of the people who just barely missed the HANCOCK train, come on down to South Lamar for what could be a very pleasant surprise. Because once 11:30PM rolls around, all unclaimed tickets will go to the most patientiest, most hard-core HANCOCK and/or Will Smith and/or Jason Bateman fan in the lobby. Always - every single time we do these things - at least a quarter of the people don't show.

Also, this list only includes the name of the person who sent in the email. It does not include the number of guests included with the rsvp, nor does it differentiate Fantastic Fest Badge-Holders from non. The list they will have at the ticket counter DOES include these things, so don't think you can be sneaking in extra people!

OK, here goes:

Abdala, Gus
Aldape, Adrian
Allen, John
Anderson, Lyrea
Barry, John
Beasley, Steph
Bromley, Matthew
Budd, Eric
Burgevin, Nik
Cavazos, Chris
Cerda, Debie
Chamness, Rob
Charles, Adam
Chiullan, Moises
Couch, Andy
Craig, John
Culp, Austin
de Jong, Dick
de la Rosa, Emit
de Leon, JC
Defalco, William
DePasqual, Victor
English, Marc
Faulkner, Wesley
Fisher, Jason
Gandersman, Paul
Getchell, Wayne
Gonzales, Troy
Gonzalez, Ray
Greene, Matt
Guerrero, Nixon
Hadley, Bryan
Hagins, Emily
Hagins, Megan
Harrod, Anna
Henney, Chris
Herman, Katherine
Hogberg, Johnathon
Jeffress, Jamie
Johnson, Josh
Johnson, Sven
Jones, Gordon
Kennedy, Heather
Khan, Iftikar
Kyle, Laura
Lambert, Robert
Lane, Brent
Leins, Jeff
Leipzeiger, Brett
Lin, Jackson
Lindsay, Aaron
Little, Rob
Locklear, Nathan
Manning, Q
Manor, Steffan
Mark Wensel
McDaniel, Ryan
McNiell, Stephanie
Miller, Johnathan
Moore, Gregg
Morgan, Kristofer Aaron
Mosley, Ryan
Mullen, Luke
Nguyen, Khanh T.
Phillips, Dion
Potter, Brian
Prendergast, Vincent
Reese, Neil
Rosales, Paul
Rosas, Rita
Rosiles, Michael
Ryan, Ian
Salazar, Antonio
Salisbury, Brian
Schofield, Mike
Self, Brad
Shepard, Roger
Smith, Matt
Tidmore, Travis
Timmis, Heather
Torres, Kathryn
Tyner, Ty
Varenhorst, Andrew
Vianes, Allen
Wheeler, Colin
Williams, Brandon
Wilson, Greg
Woodcock, Gary
Worthington, John
Young, James

HANCOCK opens at South Lamar and Village on Tuesday, July 1st.

Thanks everyone for writing in!

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