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Halloween. Alamo Style.

I think we've made it pretty clear by now that we're a fan of the zombie genre. I suppose that's somewhat of an understatement. We've also made it pretty clear that we're SUPER excited about AMC's THE WALKING DEAD (tickets are selling like crazy, don't wait if you want to watch it with us!). Also, Joshua Driggs already made it very clear that the Alamo Drafthouse and The Highball are perfect spots for a zombie hangout. So, using these points that you're already aware of, I'd now like to pitch a plan for your Halloween evening. Sure, it's on a Sunday and everyone has to go to work the next day. Details for that at the bottom.

SUNDAY MORNING: Sleep in. Don't go to church. God hates zombies. Besides, it's gonna be a long night. You need your rest.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Make sure you have everything you need for your Halloween costume. And then make sure you have everything you need to ZOMBIFY that Halloween costume. Just dressing as a zombie? Perfect! We like to go with the "died on Halloween" angle. Imagine how awesome everyone would look if the Zombie Apocalypse hit ON Halloween?! Sixth street would just be a barrage of girls in "sexy" zombie costumes.

A little tip: Zombie make-up takes a while. You'll probably want to work on it in the mirror for a bit. Or just go the easy route and drench yourself in fake blood. Or real blood. Your choice!

SUNDAY EVENING: You're in costume and ready to take on the world, one brain at a time! But what to do for dinner? You could head over to Alamo S. Lamar for our DEAD ALIVE SLOPPY FOOD FEAST where you can stuff your little zombie face full of sloppy joe and custard! Spilled some on your costume? It looks gross anyway! You're fine!

Then, make it a double feature and watch AMC'S THE WALKING DEAD with us for TV at the Alamo where we'll definitely throw in a zombie costume contest and I believe one of our local comic shops will be there for giveaways!

SUNDAY LATENIGHT: At this point, it's probably around 11pm. The perfect time for a zombie to get his or her drink on. Lurch on over to THE HIGHBALL for The Action Pack's ZOMBIE PROM! The party will be getting into full swing by the time WALKING DEAD is over, so get out on that dance floor and go to town. The party's free, and there's a huge bar! Everyone here will be dead, so no one will be out of their element. There will be a photo booth, probably another costume contest, and all kinds of surprises!

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THE WEE HOURS OF THE NIGHT: Call a cab, try not to puke fake blood in it, try to remember to wash that zombie shit off your face before you pass out (or your pillow is going to look GNARLY in the morning), then set your alarm just early enough to call in sick to work. You can make up an excuse if you want, but they'll know the truth. Oh! Better plan! Invite you boss to this extravaganza! Chances are, they won't show up the next day either.

Good plan, right? It's what I'll be doing (minus the not going to work the next day part - we gots work to do!). Let the planning commence!


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