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GREAT EXPECTATIONS Brings London’s West End to Littleton

Charles Dickens' classic tale comes straight from London to Littleton on April 22

GREAT EXPECTATIONS Brings London’s West End to Littleton

With the explosive summer movie season nearly upon us, it’s the perfect week to keep things quiet, and embrace some culture, and a fresh interpretation of an old classic.  This Monday, we have just the thing, and live from London’s esteemed West End: GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

Charles Dickens’ classic coming-of-age story, GREAT EXPECTATIONS is the sad saga of young Pip, who finds himself tangled up in the sordid fortunes and plots of others. After helping an escaped convict, Pip is abruptly invited to the house of the mysterious Miss Havisham to play with her ward, Estella, whom Pip promptly falls in love with.   When handed a large sum of money from a mysterious benefactor, and given the means and freedom to become a gentleman, Pip heads to London.   As Pip burns through his money and reputation and falls into ruin, the ghosts of past come back to haunt his present, and determine his future.

Dickens’ novel has been adapted for the big screen and small, but it’s never trod the boards before now. Jo Clifford first adapted the play for the stage in 1988, and it’s been revived and reimagined by director Graham McLaren to play on London’s illustrious West End.  Described as “a striking piece of theatre” by The Guardian, and praised for its eerie set design, inventive staging, and fiery special effects, it’s a certainly a cultural experience not to be missed.

Thanks to Alamo Drafthouse Littleton, you won’t have to travel all the way across the pond to see it. During its final days on the West End, GREAT EXPECTATIONS is being broadcast live to movie theaters all across the country, and we’re one of those lucky enough to be streaming this special event on Monday, April 22 at 6:00.

One advantage to seeing it at the Drafthouse instead of the West End is that you won’t have to go hungry and thirsty until intermission. Our full food and drink menu will be available during this event, and you can order throughout the play. Simply write down what you want on the paper provided, fold it up and pop it into the metal rail of your table, and our stealthy team of servers will have it out before you can say Phillip Pirrip.

You can also order drinks straight from our box office (and we have some fine British style beers to keep the experience authentically English) and carry it into the theatre with you.

Our lobby tavern, Glass Half Full, will also be open for business.  If the sight of Miss Havisham’s moldy wedding cake left you without an appetite during the play, you can duck into Glass Half Full afterwards, and order from our menu.  You never need a movie ticket to visit Glass Half Full, so if you and your friends want to have a good, long discussion of Dickens over a hearty beer and chips (er, fries), we’ll be happy to have you.

Tickets for the Monday, April 22 broadcast of GREAT EXPECTATIONS are on sale now.


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