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Gowalla + Fantastic Fest + SXSW = Film Geek Trip & VIP FanFest Badges!

We've become huge fans of Gowalla, here at Fantastic Fest. Not only are they local (we always have a special place in our hearts for hometown friends), but they also have a pretty cool thing going on with most of the other local businesses around town. You can collect virtual items, redeem them for real, tangible things, and generally, stalk your friends cause you know where they are at all times (stalk in a very friendly way, mind you). We've decided that since Gowalla is so super awesome, we wanted to join in on the fun for SXSW. We've put together a trip highlighting some of the cool spots around Austin that have been used as film locations from some of your favorite movies! We’ve pulled 10 of our favorites from movies like Office Space, Death Proof, Slacker, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre and have created Fantastic Fest’s Austin Film Tour.

Now sure, you can just look at this list and check out a couple locations... if you want to be BORING! No way, dude. We set this up for the true cinephiles that don't even need to look at this map that Gowalla has so painstakingly put together because THEY HAVE BEEN TO THESE LOCATIONS A BAZILLION TIMES ALREADY! Or maybe you haven't! Maybe you're so eager beaver to check these places out that you forgot to keep reading to the end of this blog entry to see what the prize is for completing this trip! Either way you wanna do it, we highly recommend you hit every spot on here. And here's why....

We all saw how fast the Fantastic Fest VIP badges for 2010 sold out. Super, crazy fast. There were a lot of sad people. We're giving those people a second chance. Starting Thursday, March 11, through Wednesday, March 17th, everyone who visits all 10 spots on the trip and earns the Fantastic Fest’s Austin Film Tour pin will be automatically entered to win a VIP badge to Fantastic Fest 2010. For those of you that have attended Fantastic Fest religiously for the past several years know how awesome having a VIP badge is. You can get in to essentially every film you want to see, not to mention the after parties, shmoozin' and boozin' with our celebrity and filmmaker guests, and maybe even get groped by rowdy strangers! These badges sell for about $285 a pop, and we're handing this suckers over for free.

Get off of your computer, get on your iPhone or Android or magic technology screen and download the Gowalla application (if you don't have it already). Then grab some buddies (or just yourself if you want fewer people in the raffle... strategy!) and get to trippin'! Check in at all 10 locations, get the pin, and you'll be entered into the raffle. We'll randomly pick TWO winners and announce them here and on Gowalla's blog. Happy trails!

Gowalla Trip


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