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Golden Globe winners announced! Dreamgirls???!!!

I am starting to think there is some sort of widespread conspiracy going on. I managed to sit through about 50 minutes of the dreck that is DREAMGIRLS, precisely until the "what about me" musical number before I had to run screaming from the theater. This retread of a movie looks good and has some strong performances, but at it's heart, it's a tired story told many times before and many times better. Yuck. Anyway, it beat out Borat and Little Miss Sunshine to take Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical. Every year, I get excited about awards time, and every year, the various shows reach back and bitch-slap me across the face. Anyway, I've still got Oscar fever and am starting to formulate my picks. For me, it's always more about the gambling fun inspired by the Oscars than who actually deserves to get the awards.

IMDB has a good quick-scan graphical interface for the winners of the 2007 Golden Globes or you can check out the Golden Globes Official Site.

The nominees for the Oscars are announced on the 23rd. We'll be posting them here, and in the next keystroke, at 12:00 noon sharp, activating tickets for sale to our 9th Annual Red Carpet Bash. We host parties at all locations, Village, Downtown and Lamar. Plus, at the Lamar theater, we are offering a multi-course feast - each course inspired by one of the 5 best picture nominees. Here's the menu from last year to give you an idea. I particularly like the Brokeback Mountain inspired chile rubbed hanger steak in a whisky cream sauce....

We'll have tons of games and prizes, a champagne toast for the best picture, and during the commercial breaks, we'll feature embarrassing moments from dark recesses of the nominated stars past roles. It's a seriously fun night out, and hands down the best place to check out the Oscars. I hope to see you there!

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