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Give me a Sign - A South Lamar Update

The Highball’s bar is taking on real shape, the theaters are getting some detailing, and much signage is ready to be installed when the time is right. 

Give me a Sign - A South Lamar Update

While the signage still needs to wait before going up at South Lamar, the devil is truly in the details currently inside the building. We really have to hunt for the smaller touches to see the considerable progress that is happening inside the theaters, lobby and Highball.

Starting in the lobby, the ceiling tile is currently being put into place.

Here is a closer shot of the entrance to the hallway to the theaters.

I had a shot of this last week, but the photo itself wasn’t this good and these entrances were not this far along. Here you get a better sense of they look like. These are the entrances to theaters one and two. They have started the tiling process on the entrance to theater three, as well as the entry way to the original South Lamar theater hallway.

In the theaters, railings and molding are going into place. This is the entrance to theater three.

Work has officially begun in the area of the highball that includes the patio. This is the least cluttered I have ever seen this space, and they have begun prepping the floor for finishing work, which will include hard wood from the original Highball’s bowling lanes.

Here is the Highball’s bar. If you look at this picture, you can see the similarities in construction to the original Highball’s bar. The photo linked here was taken in August of 2009.    

Here is the men’s room in the Highball.

The stairwell  to the karaoke rooms has gotten some detail work.

The detail work continues up into the karaoke room hallway.

The next few images are courtesy of Jamie Mitol, fabricator at Custom Sign Creations where signage for South Lamar is being made. Here we can see the main Alamo Drafthouse sign.

This is an example of a theater badge sign.

The Highball!

Here is the original Alamo Drafthouse sign, the one that used to hang outside the Colorado Street location before it was moved to Lamar. It has been reassembled and is ready to go back up at Lamar when the time comes. 

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