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Getting drunk this weekend? Document it for the HANGOVER 2 PRESHOW!

Getting drunk this weekend? Document it for the HANGOVER 2 PRESHOW!

If you've seen The Hangover, you know that the end credits are a series of photos that should never see the light of day (see a sampling here). In fact, any time a party night takes place, and you wake up feeling fuzzy and saying "what did I do last night?" all you can do is hope that either (a) someone took pictures to help you remember, or (b) no one took pictures cause you're pretty sure it was ridiculous/raunchy/scandalous.

Well, we want those pictures.

We invite you to go out this weekend and get silly with your friends, have someone in your party document this silliness, and then submit those photos to your local Alamo Facebook page (or to [email protected] if they're too scandalous for Facebook). We'll take the most outrageous, hilarious, or just plain silly ones and mix them in with our own for a special segment in the preshow for THE HANGOVER II next week.

Plus! If you end up having the greatest, most "how is that guy still alive???" photos, we'll give you two tickets to a screening of THE
HANGOVER: PART II on opening weekend. We'll choose finalists from all the submissions and ask the online Alamo community to vote for their favorites, so do you best to make it exciting, but remember that lots of strangers will see these...

So get out there! Take over the town! Try not to get arrested, but if you do, DEFINITELY take pictures or videos of it (oh yeah, we will also be accepting videos). We kind of just want to see you making fools of yourself and your friends. They'll totally forgive you eventually.

If you are submitting photos to this contest, all persons in the photos need to (a) be aware that you are submitting them and (b) be okay with the fact that hundreds of people will see the photos. If any photos receive complaints from others in the photo, we will take them down immediately and they will not be eligible for the contest or the preshow, no matter how amazing they are. Also, if you email your photo submission, make sure you let us know which Alamo market you're in. If you put them on Facebook, tag them with "The Hangover: Part II Photo Contest" in the description of the photo, along with a brief story of what the hell's going on in the photo!


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