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Get to the Ritz on Christmas Eve!

This Christmas Eve we're giving you everything you ever wanted.

Get to the Ritz on Christmas Eve!

MAN! You guys sure do love celebrating the holidays as much as we do--so much so that it's been kinda hard to get tickets for a lot of our programming this December. Well, don't you fret! We've let you sit on our laps; we've heard your whispers, and now The Alamo Drafthouse has you covered! We're adding a full day of all the stuff you may have missed with a Christmas Eve of holiday programming ONLY AT THE ALAMO RITZ.

Start your day off right with the nonstop tickle fight that is The Action Pack's ELF QUOTE-ALONG. The Ultimate Holiday experiences begins HERE. When Elf was first released it recaptured that goosebump-inducing Christmas spirit that had been soooo lacking in EVERY OTHER holiday movie release and gave you a new reason to believe in Santa Claus. So. grab the kids and order something sugary.The Action Pack will be providing jingle bells and bubbles. You can also expect the biggest snowball fight IN A THEATER and a special present for whoever can eat their spaghetti and syrup the fastest!

Not an early starter? That's ok because Girlie Night has added a screening of LOVE ACTUALLY, which is basically the whole reason Sarah Pitre celebrates Christmas. I challenge you to find one other movie that combines Colin Firth, an adorable little boy with a dead mom, the British Prime Minister, the porn industry, Mr. Bean, a washed-up rock star, and a kid in an octopus costume into something that makes you cry tears of shimmering, golden joy into a mug of spiced wine. So, come squeal, sigh, and grab your neighbor's arm when Colin Firth finally proposes to that Portugese lady.

Too Girlie for ya? Need to escape all that family time? Well, at 10pm The Action Pack will take you back in time with the ultimate Christmas classic: DIE HARD, the movie that reminds you when action stars still had chest hair and it was totally cool to say "MOTHERF*CKER" until you were blue in theface. Not only will we have a gorgeous 35mm print for your viewing pleasure but we're also handing out cap guns to each and everyone of youto gun fight-along during all the shoots-outs as we load our pyrotechnics with a dangerous amount of explosives to give you a Christmas Eve night full of LIVE IN THEATER EXPLOSIONS you won't soon forget.

So what are you waiting for? Santa Claus on your chimney? We just gave you everything you ever wanted.

LOVE ACTUALLY and DIE HARD- December 24th - Ritz

ELF Quote-Along- December 24th and 25th- Ritz


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