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Get IN THE LOOP for Free 8/12

Three seconds after seeing Armando Iannucci's IN THE LOOP at the European Film Market, Tim League booked it for the Alamo.  Tim gets excited about a lot of movies, but this little UK import made a HUGE impression on him.  Subsequently, we've all had the chance to see the film and we can assure you, it's not just hype.  This movie kicks so much ass it starts wars.  Required viewing for anyone ages born to dead.  See it as soon as you can.

Incidentally, the soonest you can see it is also the free-est you can see it, 'cause we just booked an advance screening! And it cost zero dollars to go!  That's less than $.01.

And anyone can go!  Well, almost anyone.  Anyones on facebook can.  To attend this screening you have to rsvp on the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Facebook Event Page.  Each rsvp is good for one admission, but seating is limited so be sure to show up early.

If you miss this unmissable film for free, you're not out of luck.  It opens for a full run at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar starting August 14.  But, and let me be perfectly clear, this one is free.  So you should go to this one if you can.

IN THE LOOP is based on Iannucci's groundbreaking BBC series THE THICK OF IT.  To get pumped for the film, we're also having a special free screening of the show at the Alamo Village on Monday, August 10, and a free screening of the two-hour BBC special at South Lamar on Thursday, August 13.


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