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Fun Fun Fun Fest guests MC Chris, Youth Brigade and Mission of Burma stop by The Ritz this weekend!

mcchris11FUN FUN FUN fest presents
LET THEM KNOW: The Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records with members of Youth Brigade LIVE!
MC Chris LIVE presenting GREMLINS
NOT A PHOTOGRAPH with members of Mission of Burma LIVE

We're partnering with Austin's incredible, mammoth weekend-long music festival Fun Fun Fun to present THREE special guest screenings at The Ritz!

Saturday, 10:15 PM
LET THEM KNOW: The Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records with the members of Youth Brigade LIVE
** This show only $5 with a Fun Fun Fun Fest wristband **
- One of the most incredible stories of punk dedication EVER TOLD! By the time the second wave of Los Angeles punk rock began to crest in the early 1980s, most historians had already closed the book. But things were just starting to get interesting. The music got harder and faster. Politics became integral to the scene. Police-on-punk violence and massive riots were de rigueur. The concept of "D.I.Y." transformed from a necessity to a battle cry. And the Better Youth Organization was born. Founded by brothers Shawn and Mark Stern from the influential L.A. punk band Youth Brigade, the BYO was part political movement, part business venture. It was a way to organize punks to take positive action to help sustain their scene and their way of life. The ideals upon which it was founded helped countless bands put on shows, put out records, and otherwise get their music out to the world.

Saturday, Midnight
MC Chris presents GREMLINS
- God-DANG! Nerdcore rapper MC Chris is coming back to the Alamo to introduce and present another of his holy grail movies. You may know him as MC Pee Pants from AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE or you may know him from his jams, like Fett's Vette Now get to know him as the funniest movie host on the planet. This time the almighty Dungeonmaster Of Ceremonies has chosen a film that no card carrying nerd can afford to miss on the big screen. Seeing Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates save the world is one of life's sublime pleasures. And those little furry dudes are pretty cool too, sometimes. MC Chris' movie showings are more like his concerts than standard movie screenings - he sets up an audience participation environment like no other - you'll be laughing like a fool. Don't miss!

Sunday, 10:15 PM
NOT A PHOTOGRAPH with members of Mission of Burma LIVE
- Legendary Boston post-punk band Mission of Burma may not have sold a lot of records in their time, but most everyone who bought one started a band, with such bands as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth citing them as influences. Breaking up in 1983 due to lead guitarist Roger Miller's tinnitus (made worse by the band's notoriously loud shows), Mission of Burma was one of the most important bands of its time, and when they reunited for 2004's ONoffON, documentary filmmakers Jeffrey Iwanicki and David A. Kleiler followed their return, and NOT A PHOTOGRAPH: THE MISSION OF BURMA STORY is the result. When some once-prominent bands come back after several years away, the danger of those bands destroying their legacy with substandard new material often looms large (we're looking at you, Big Star), but NOT A PHOTOGRAPH proves that Mission of Burma's return shows that some bands not only never lose what made them great in the first place, but that they're able to pick it up again after nearly 20 years apart.

...all of these shows will redefine your life as a music and movie fan, and tickets for all are cheap and available HERE!


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