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From the frontlines of the Gamemaking Frenzy


24 hours in, Gamemaking Frenzy participants are going strong. 

From the frontlines of the Gamemaking Frenzy

24 hours ago, participants in Fantastic Arcade's first gamemaking frenzy, both local and worldwide via the impromptu website were delivered a deeply appreciative and weird love letter from Adventure Time creator Pen Ward, in which he promised to award the highest rated game in the frenzy some Fruit. It's really, really nice fruit. Just watch for yourselves:


Since then there has been a startling amount of creativity and craftsmanship rolling in, as people work as individuals or teams to offer their own take on the Adventure Time world. All games created will be playable for free, a few will be chosen to be featured on a custom arcade cabinet during Fantastic Arcade. Game submissions will start going live soon on the adventuretimegamejam site, so everyone will be able to look at games and pick their favorites. 

Brandon over at Venus Patrol has also been keeping an eye at some of the games as they develop. 


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