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Free Jackie Chan madness at the Village This Saturday!

city-hunter1OK, we know that there's a lot of other things going on in Austin this weekend, but the return of Free Kung Fu Theater to the Alamo Village is no doubt the most exciting.  Or at least the most exciting we can think of, but then again, we try not to think that often.

This Jackie Chan martial-arts comedy is about as close to insanity as we ever hope to get. Not even Stephen Chow can keep up with the amphetamine pace of wacky gags, truly thrilling fights and incomprehensible pop-culture references presented in this legendarily entertaining mess. For months after seeing CITY HUNTER you will be singing the goofy refrain from the soundtrack to yourself. Here's one example of the craziness that awaits you: Jackie gets thrown into a Street Fighter arcade console and electrocuted cartoon-style. When he wakes up, he is inside a low-budget live-action version of the video game. The ensuing fight is both incredibly stupid and hilarious.

We had a great turnout to FONG SAI YUK last month, and we'd like to keep this series going to present more and more great Kung Fu films for you, the Alamo faithful.  We've got another show lined up after this one (CHINESE HERCULES), but let's keep the momentum running with this wondefully nutty Jackie Chan epic that never screens theatrically anymore.  See you there!

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