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Frederick Wiseman Coming to Austin This Weekend!

Frederick Wiseman brings his new film BOXING GYM to South Lamar starting November 12 Advance tickets available here

Acclaimed documentarian Frederick Wiseman, who brought us the Verité masterpieces HIGH SCHOOL, LAW AND ORDER, TITICUT FOLLIES, and, recently, LA DANSE, is coming to open his new film, BOXING GYM, in Austin. BOXING GYM presents a fly-on-the-wall perspective of Lord's Gym, the legendary Austin training room owned by Richard Lord. The film is beautiful and will set you in a trance.

We're opening the film on Friday, and to celebrate we'll be having special guests all weekend long!

On Friday at the 4:05 and 7:00 showings, Richard Lord will be live! On Saturday at the 4:25 and 7:00 times, Lord will be joined by Frederick Wiseman as well! And, perhaps most excitingly, on Sunday at 4:00, Wiseman will be presenting one of his most challenging and enduring works, TITICUT FOLLIES. A study of Massachusetts' treatment of criminally insane inmates at the Bridgewater State Hospital, TITICUT FOLLIES was the first American film banned for reasons other than national security or obscenity. It, like much of Wiseman's work in general, forces us to look inside institutions we pay little attention to and make our own judgments about their problems and ultimate worth. This is a truly unique event and one you should not miss!

Get your tickets for BOXING GYM here! And don't miss TITICUT FOLLIES w/ Wiseman on Sunday at 4!


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