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The Foundations of a Good Time - A South Lamar Update

Work on the new addition to the Alamo South Lamar theater has started! 

The Foundations of a Good Time - A South Lamar Update

My visit to the South Lamar construction site last Friday was the first time I had been there in a month, and I was excited to see that work has started on the Alamo/Highball building (click here for a higher rez photo of the image above). There is currently some concrete foundation poured in the area that will hold the new theaters, and they have started building the walls for these theaters as well. The lobby and Highball areas don’t seem to be as far along, although there is plenty of activity in preparation for the pouring of concrete. The criss-cross patterned ditches that you see in the photos above and below this paragraph indicate that preparation for plumbing and the foundation have begun. And in the photo below I have identified the various new areas of the Alamo as they correspond to their general locations in the rapidly developing construction site. 

I have also included here some other views. The first two are ground level shots of the new theater walls going up, and the third is a look at the progress of buildings one and two located east of the theater.

From this point on, things should start getting real interesting real quickly.  


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