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Final RRS Leone Spain Tour Posters up now on Mondotees!

Wow. These all just came in today. It's times like this that make me so happy to work where I do.

For the 1st set, we told the 3 artists to go ‘European’ on the posters…don’t show faces…make ‘em arty. On this one, we picked 3 artists who could NAIL a likeness of the actors. I’m pretty freaking happy how it turned out.

Jesse Philips on A Fistful of Dollars. 24x36. Metallic Variant available. Printed by DnL. Numbered individually.

VARIANT with Metallic inks

Stainboy on For a Few Dollars More.
Metallic Inks. Signed and Numbered. 32x22. Printed by Diesel Fuel.
Stainboy sent me images of the pencils on this as he was working on it. This MF'r can draw. He did his first 'penciled/halftoned' poster look for us. A Stainboy first!

And Billy Perkins on The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly-
We thought a triptych would be a good concept, and Billy really stepped up to the plate on his first poster for Alamo and Mondo Tees.
12x38. Signed and Numbered. As a set or individually. I can't believe how badass these are. How great will these look hanging as a set? I need more walls. Printed by DnL.

All posters are available for a limited time on MONDOTEES. You can buy them as sets, or individually. Don't sleep on it...or you'll be sad.

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