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Filmmakers Wanted: PIMP MY TV

Pimp My TVFilmmaking Frenzy is our homegrown offshoot project where we run filmmaking contests, and if you've never been to one of those screenings or checked out that website at all, you definitely owe it to yourself to click through and watch some of the entries from past contests.

We've done BLOODSHOTS, our 48 hour horror filmmaking challenge.  We've had two UNNECESSARY SEQUELS contests, where we asked filmmakers to create a trailer for a sequel that really shouldn't exist at all. And we ran our own swede contest, REWIND KINDLY, and entries for that Frenzy made up a good portion of the BE KIND, REWIND preshow.

But this past Friday, registration opened for our first Filmmaking Frenzy challenge of 2009, and based on the idea alone I'm already expecting to see some crazy awesome videos come out of this one. The Frenzy is called PIMP MY TELEVISION, and it's a little bit like the UNNECESSARY SEQUELS contests we've run in the past.

Once again, we're asking filmmaking teams to create a theatrical trailer for a movie that doesn't actually exist. This time, however, instead of creating a trailer for a sequel to some Hollywood schlockfest, we're asking you to make the original schlock. We want you to show us what it will look like when the no-brain producers in Hollywood have finally dug through every single nostalgia property and are bringing us movies based on TV shows that should NEVER EVER be turned into feature films. 

Because why haven't I seen GOLDEN GIRLS GONE WILD? Or Ridley Scott's AMERICAN GLADIATOR? These are projects that need to be green lit now, damn it! And I'm hoping you can make that dream come true for me.

You can get full information on the rules and everything you need to know about this contest over at While you're there, you can register your team for this Frenzy for $10 - that's $10 per team, not per member or anything, so it shouldn't hurt too bad. We just want to make sure that everyone who signs up is at least a little bit serious about trying to finish their project.

If you don't have a full filmmaking team yet, you can also find other teams you like on the Filmmaking Frenzy website, drop them a line, and try to join in with their efforts or convince them to help you with yours. The important thing is just to go out there and get shooting!

You can choose any TV show that hasn't been given the Hollywood bastardization treatment already, and you've got until February 20th to finish your trailer. That may sound like a lot of time, but it's gonna fly by. So get cracking, and we'll see you at the Awards Ceremony!

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