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It’s the 2013 OFF-CENTERED FILM FEST Call For Submissions!

Filmmakers and Craft Beer Heads: THE 2013 OFF-CENTERED FILM FEST needs YOU (and your submssions)!!

It’s the 2013 OFF-CENTERED FILM FEST Call For Submissions!

Attention, if for some reason your New Year's Resolutions include NOT winning as much fame and glory and NOT drinking delicious craft beers and NOT traveling to Austin to take part in all of those things, then read no further. This post is not for you.

To the rest of you: This is it... the 2013 OFF-CENTERED FILM FEST CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!!!!

The theme for this year is HIP HOP, OFF-CENTERED. You've had Dogfish Head's off-centered ales. Now make the movie.

Every spring, The Alamo and Dogfish Head join forces to put on the OFF-CENTERED FILM FEST, a glorious celebration of films, filmmaking, the independent spirit, and craft beers. Oh yeah…and Sam (founder of Dogfish) and other special guests will be there for all of it!

The culmination of this three-day bender of great beer and cinema is THE OFF-CENTERED FILM SHORTS COMPETITION. That's where you come in, dear friends, filmmakers, craft beer enthusiasts. It's simple, really. You give us five minutes (or less) of film, and we'll give you a shot at glory. The best films will be screened at the festival, and the top three will share a big pile of booty. And, no, not just a big bag delicious and healthy snack food to share, but actual PRIZES, including CASH MONEY, AIRFARE, AND ASSORTED DOGFISH AWESOMENESS!!

Don't have high-end gear? Film it on your phone. Can't write good dialogue? Shoot it live and call it gritty. The OCFF is a showcase for the up-and-comers, the independent-minded, the Davids of the world facing down the mighty Goliaths.

So, what are you waiting for? Kick it Olde School and make that movie you’ve always wanted to.  

Sip. Brainstorm. Sip. Cast. Sip. Make that film. Good luck. Cheers.

Visit the official OCFF site for full rules and submission guidelines!

The 2013 Installment of OFF-CENTERED FILM FEST takes place Thursday, April 18th – Saturday, April 20th, 2013 here in Austin, Texas.


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