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Fantastic Fest praised by MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE

It's just about hitting us. Fantastic Fest is coming up sooner than we think, and with the 90+ degree temperature also comes the fire of FF planning and booking. We just did a revamp of our website, which you will see in the coming months filling up with our selections for the 2010 festival.

We're also watching hundreds of screeners and wading through some of the best, and strangest, genre films from across the world. This year, like always, should be better than the last.

We're also very happy to see the added attention we've been getting this year. One flattering recent example is Jennifer M. Wood's piece in MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE, "25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee." Every year she compiles a list of "festivals that offer something a little out of the ordinary."

This year, we rank among the top 25 festivals and, you'll be happy to know, we're the only festival this year with "Fantastic" in the name.

So, filmmakers, if you're not sure what film festival to apply to, take the advice of MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE and submit to Fantastic Fest. The deadline is July 16, though, so hurry up!


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