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Fantastic Fest Guide on the new Gowalla 4.0

The reimagined Gowalla 4.0 gets a bit more fantastic with the Fantastic Fest Guide.

Fantastic Fest Guide on the new Gowalla 4.0

If there's one thing that drives the fun and unqieuness of Fantastic Fest it's the stories. Whether the story is in the form of a film about kappa-human 
copulation or a party where people who obviously shouldn't rap attempt to, you're sure to experience a fantastic story. So it's fitting that we're helping our Austin bretheren at Gowalla launch their newly reimagined service that's all about just that: stories.

If you aren't aware of what Gowalla is, it's a smartphone app and website that helps you keep up with friends, share your favorite places and discover the extraordinary world around you. Think of it as a digital passport where you keep an ongoing log of your life stories, big and small. The cornerstone for the 4.0 update is Gowalla’s new Social Guides where they've taken the best of what’s local, the places your friends love, and the recommendations from experts, and rolled them all up into a handy dandy portable collection.

So, what does this have to do with Fantastic Fest you may ask yourself? Well self, glad you asked. We've taken our popular Places to Eat guide and turned it into a Social Guide that's now accessible on Gowalla 4.0, either on the web:

or in the app:

Make sure to read the full low down on the new Gowalla, get the update if you already have the app, and if you don't already have the app: GET. IT. NOW. Now let's get to making some Fantastic Fest stories of our own, shall we?


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