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Fantastic Fest Favorite Nacho Vigalondo Returns with Extraterrestrial, Opening Tomorrow (07/13)

Spanish filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo's EXTRATERRESTRIAL opens tomorrow, Friday, July 13th!

Fantastic Fest Favorite Nacho Vigalondo Returns with Extraterrestrial, Opening Tomorrow (07/13)

Nacho Vigalondo's second feature film, EXTRATERRESTRIAL, opens tomorrow evening at South Lamar!

Vigalondo, whose first feature TIMECRIMES had its world premiere at 2007's Fantastic Fest and won the inaugural and coveted Next Wave award, returns in high-flying style with this much-anticipated sci-fi follow-up. Audiences at the most recent Fantastic Fest in September 2011 were treated to an early look at EXTRATERRESTRIAL (its U.S. premiere) and fell in love with what quickly became known as a festival favorite. Selling out all its Fantastic Fest 2011 shows in mere minutes, EXTRATERRESTRIAL and its director Vigalondo were undisputed, sure-fire hits. Vigalondo, who attends every year's Fantastic Fest whether he has a film in competition or otherwise, celebrating what he calls the "not-so-common art of having fun." In many ways, Vigalondo's warm, celebratory spirit is evocative of the mission of Fantastic Fest and reflective of the imaginative worlds he creates onscreen. As we like to say around here, "nobody does it like Nacho."

EXTRATERRESTRIAL follows Julio (Julián Villagrán), a kind of reluctant or blissfully unaware hero-type whose kryptonite comes in bottle form and cannot be sold to minors. After waking up one foggy morning in someone else's bed, he nurses a hangover and meets last night's hook-up, Julia (Michelle Jenner). Requisite awkwardness follows between the two, but is no match for the shocking discovery right around the corner. On this particular day, the birds aren't chirping and signs of life are at a minimum. A quick peak outside reveals complete and utter vacancy -- not a car, person, or animal to be found. In the distance, however, a behemoth casts a shadow over the city -- a massive spaceship in the sky brings clarity to the morning: Julio and Julia have woken up to an alien invasion. Talk about a rude awakening! What follows is an impressively cinematic fight for survival, if ever there was one. Angel, Julia's neighbor with an obvious crush, and Carlos, Julia's live-in boyfriend, join in the fight creating a collective sexual tension between the four acquaintances only dwarfed by the very real threat that they might not make it through the day alive.

Here's what critics and our past Fantastic Fest audiences have to say about EXTRATERRESTRIAL:

"...[C]ombines the Spanish director's talent for writing complex and immensely likable characters with the kind of everyday surreality that just happens to feature gigantic alien ships hovering over Barcelona." - Marc Savlov, THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE

"Playing like a little comedy of manners set in an overlooked corner of somebody else's big-budget genre movie…Furthers [writer/director Nacho Vigalondo's] rep for smart takes on genre pics." - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"[A] funny and perceptive screenplay…focusing on a sweetly unassuming love story made fresh by the unlikely scenario." - INDIEWIRE

"I want this to play everywhere." - TyTheBold (Fantastic Fest Audience Member)

"Best of the fest so far! Fantastic humor, great acting, subtle storytelling, and a stunningly beautiful lead actress. Nacho wins again!" - djblewis (Fantastic Fest Audience Member)

Don't miss EXTRATERRESTRIAL when it opens tomorrow, July 13th, at South Lamar for a one-week run! In the meantime, psyche yourself up for this limited engagement by sampling some of Vigalondo's brilliant short films via YouTube, starting with the Oscar-nominated 7:35 IN THE MORNING. (Sam Prime)


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