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Fan Feast

Fantastic Arcade begins in one week from today, and that means that in only 7 days you can play our custom Left 4 Dead 2 map lovingly dubbed Fan Feast!  That’s right- imagine stalking from the theatres of the Alamo Drafthouse to the ballroom of the Highball getting headshot after headshot off at the zombie swarms and maybe taking a moment for a quick game of skeeball while you’re at it. Click PLAY on the above video and prepare to be excited.

Local indie gamer ZapWizard (aka Joshua Driggs) spent countless man hours faithfully creating this map to perfect scale using a everything from satellite photographs, on-site photographs, and even building blueprints to make this the most accurate representation of a zombie apocalypse in South Austin that the world has ever seen. We worked with Zapwizard for last year’s Dismember the Alamo where he made a terrifyingly perfect map of our Lake Creek location. Check some images of that map HERE. This new project is nearly twenty times larger. It not only covers the Alamo Drafthouse and the Highball, but the entire South Lamar shopping center! The amount of painstaking detail and realistic facets that have gone into this map are nothing short of uncanny. Everything from the no parking signs to the karaoke rooms...from the Austin skyline to the Mondo posters on the walls; EVERYTHING is dead on…or, erhmm… UNdead on.

This Fantastic Fest- in addition to watching some of the best zombie movies from all over the globe- be a part of one. Grab 3 of your friends and come on down to Fantastic Arcade and snag a machete from the Tiki Lounge Room or a magnum from the Old School Hip Hop Room! On Saturday we will be hosting a tournament where you can win all sorts of prizes including $500 cash money! Check out the full Fantastic Arcade tournament lineup HERE.  How long can YOU last against the hordes?


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