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Doug Benson is Coming to the Ritz!!!

One of our favorite comedians will be on hand for four events you won't want to miss!

Doug Benson is Coming to the Ritz!!!

Master Pancake and The Alamo are proud to welcome Doug Benson (VH1's Best Week Ever, SUPER HIGH ME, THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER ROLLED) for FOUR special events at the Ritz.

On Thursday, December 6th he’ll perform THE BENSON MOVIE INTERRUPTION (a staple at L.A.’s Cinefamily) where Doug and surprise guests riff a mystery movie (hint: it’ll be Doug's favorite Christmas movie of all time; another hint: there’s no caroling in it).

On Friday, Dec 7th at 4:20 Doug will tape an episode of his massively popular podcast, DOUG LOVES MOVIES with guests from the Austin comedy scene. The previous Texas tapings have been called everything from train wrecks to triumphs, so come down to see the mayhem for yourself. (Nobody has ever called it a triumph.) And don't forget to bring a creative movie-themed name tag for a chance to get picked by one of the mystery guests and win some prizes!

On Friday, Dec 7th at 7:30 Doug teams up with Master Pancake (John Erler, Joe Parsons, David Jara) to mock a MYSTERY CHRISTMAS-THEMED FILM.  Doug has selected a great/terrible movie that, amazingly, has never been mocked before by either of them.  Hint: the movie is full of mullets and bullets.  
On Friday, Dec 7th at 10:30  Doug teams with Master Pancake (John Erler, Joe Parsons, and Owen Egerton)  for the beloved CHOOSE YOUR OWN PANCAKE show.  Bring your best/worst title on DVD or Blu Ray and if the audience picks it, they'll mock it right there on the spot. 

Each show only has a handful of tickets left, so get yours RIGHT NOW before they're gone for THE BENSON MOVIE INTERRUPTION, DOUG LOVES MOVIES, MYSTERY X-MAS MOCK, and CHOOSE YOUR OWN PANCAKE!!


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