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Digital Classics at the Alamo Village

the-thing-blog-2As you might have heard, the Alamo has recently outfitted the Village and South Lamar locations with state-of-the-art 4K Digital Cinema projectors in anticipation of bigger, more expensive, 3D Hollywood Blockbusters, continuing our mission to provide Austin with the best possible theatrical presentation available.

That's not to say we've turned our back on good old 35mm, but if you happened to see AVATAR in 3D, you might understand why it's important to stay cutting-edge in the industry. AVATAR in 2D on 35mm just isn't AVATAR. It's just a shame. And seeing how a crystal clear digital cinema image can enhance the modern movie-going experience, we wondered what it could do for revisiting the classics. Well, thanks to our pals at Universal Entertainment, more and more or our favorite Big Screen Classics are being restored and made available to theaters as DCPs - Digital Cinema Packages - providing the best possible image quality at the highest resolution.

We've seen these all before in 35mm and we love every, single frame...but we think our (and your) minds are about to be blown.

For our inaugural dive into the digital past, we've programmed three very different but undeniable classics of American Cinema- John Carpenter's THE THING, ANIMAL HOUSE & SCARFACE.

John Carpenter's THE THING April 5 - 8 @ The Village

Yep, John Carpenter's brain-blasting masterpiece of shape-shifting horror on the big screen in super-futuristic digital projection! See Kurt Russell and crew battle a shape-shifting monstrosity like you've never seen it before! Though technically a remake of the '50s classic THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, it's an entirely different kind of film. The storyline is about a group of researchers at an Antarctic base who accidentally unleash a frozen alien force that can occupy the bodies of living creatures. The constantly metamorphosing creature is shown graphically (very graphically), thanks to the work of effects genius Rob Bottin. It's a visceral horror movie that punches you in the face with gross-out gore effects and then knees you in the groin with pinpoint suspense timing. Russell is at his badass best as Mac McReady, a Vietnam vet with a shady past who is mankind's last hope against the invader.

ANIMAL HOUSE April 12 - 15 @ The Village

Great cinema slobbishness existed decades before Seth Rogen and Vince Vaughn adopted it for their own ends, and this late-'70s celebration of low class antics is still the undisputed masterpiece of the form! For the first time in fancy modern 4K projection, see John Belushi and his rampaging roommates turn society on its ass in a hail of offensive insanity! The ultimate party-in-the-shape-of-a-movie, ANIMAL HOUSE tore open enough togas and pissed off enough deans to assure it a permanent place in the heart of every unshaven beer-swiller our fine nation has produced in the last thirty years. And that's a mighty high number, folks.

SCARFACE April 19 - 22 @ The Village

Watching Brian De Palma's SCARFACE is like looking down the barrel of a loaded gun and praying that the madman behind it will let you live long enough to finish  watching SCARFACE. This modern-classic gangster movie is celebrated across cultures, from the thugs of hip hop to the art house connoisseurs and everyone in between. Brian De Palma's masterpiece (written by Oliver Stone) is a high-energy exploration of a Cuban immigrant in Miami who gets to the top much too fast. "Say hello to my little friend!" When Al Pacino puts the bazooka between his thighs and screams those lines, he solidified his role as the Marlon Brando of the 1980s. His Tony Montana is the gangster of the modern era. This film is about his great performance as the ruthless drug slinger who has only got two things in this world, and he doesn't break them for no one.

Think of it as watching your favorite films on the biggest HDTV in the world!

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