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Did you dig GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? See two early films from director James Gunn this Sunday!

Tickets are only $12 and both films will screen in 35mm!

Did you dig GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? See two early films from director James Gunn this Sunday!

Well, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY wasn't a flop - those of us who have been following director James Gunn's career can breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is not only not a flop, it's a certified hit - grossing more on it's opening Thursday night than Gunn's previous films had grossed combined during their entire theatrical run.

Looking back in hindsight we can all play armchair director and pretend GUARDIANS' success was a sure-fire bet. Just a few months ago, though, I was genuinely worried that one of my favorite directors was going to be blamed for the first miss from Marvel Studios, a production house that has become famous for churning out success after success.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY was, after all, a risky choice for a film - an ensemble space opera featuring a talking raccoon who is best buds with a sentient tree-man. And Gunn was a risky choice. The director had had success as a screenwriter in the Hollywood system - writing the remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD and the big-screen adaptation of SCOOBY DOO but his directorial efforts hadn't had the impact they deserved.

Now that Gunn is sitting on top of the world, though, let's pay tribute to his new-found success by celebrating the films that have come before. Join us on Sunday, August 25 as we team-up with Badass Digest for a double feature of SLITHER and SUPER, James Gunn's previous efforts as director.

I'll be presenting the screening with Badass Digest managing editor Meredith Borders, a fellow fan of Gunn's twisted sensibilities. And Gunn's sensibilities are quite twisted. If you thought GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY was edgy, prepare yourself for two films that push the boundaries of good taste.

SLITHER (2006) stars Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks as two small-town residents who find their lives upended when their neighbors turn into ooze-spitting zombies after an alien invasion infects the citizenry. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY's Michael Rooker is especially amazing as Grant Grant, the initial infected who is transformed, over the course of the movie, into a giant pulsating monster that resembles a squid more than a man.

If SLITHER is Gunn's early foray into space shenanigans, SUPER (2010) is Gunn's pre-Marvel take on superheroes. Rainn Wilson stars as an everyday guy who puts on a costume and decides to become a crimefighter after his wife leaves him for a drug dealer. Similar to KICK-ASS in many ways, SUPER leaves behind the wish-fulfillment of Matthew Vaughn's superhero film to explore the ugly and deadly consequences that come from trying to make a difference against crime. Ellen Page, Liv Tyler and Kevin Bacon co-star.

Whether you too have been a longtime fan of James Gunn's work and want to celebrate the underdog who finally made it big or are looking to discover just where this mad filmmaker came from, join us for this special double feature. Tickets are only $12 and both films will screen in 35mm!

Prepare for the event by reading this excellent career retrospective on Gunn from Nathan Rabin from The Dissolve.

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