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Dealing with a heart of stone? Just add Ice. Vanilla flavored, if possible.

The Action Pack presents COOL AS ICE in HeckleVision your texted heckles appear on screen under the movie! Sun, Feb 7, 9:30pm at the Alamo Ritz Advance tickets available here

I was only fourteen years old when this "hip hop" remake of REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE featuring Vanilla Ice in the James Dean role hit theaters, but even though as a card carrying white suburbanite I was of course a proud owner of To The Extreme and knew all of the words to "Ice Ice Baby," I was still disappointed by how horrible COOL AS ICE was. But that was then.

Looking back on it with fresh eyes now, though? I can see this film for the crowning cinematic achievement it always was. I could never adequately describe the experience of watching this magical gem with a crowd in a darkened theater, but do yourself a favor and head over to YouTube to check out the romantic montage.



Because of course you can't start to fall in love with someone from a different cultural upbringing without running around inside a suburban home construction site! Duh!

Vanilla's hair alone is worth the price of admission to this one, but of course this is a HeckleVision show, so we'll be projecting your texted heckles up onto the screen, too. You might want to write a couple of zingers ahead of time, because it's going to be tough to be funnier than the dialog in the movie: "Yeah, whackhead tried to play baseball with my homeboy's bike!" (Henri Mazza)

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