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Dave England of JACKASS with best clips and live self-destruction at Ritz!


If self-destruction is an art, Dave England of masochistic comedy adventurers JACKASS is a goddamn Picasso. We've somehow convinced this human wrecking ball/pincushion to join us at the Alamo to host his most brutally agonizing moments from both JACKASS films as well as the relentlessly abusive TV series, and also perform his special brand of one-man annihilation LIVE. Keep in mind that this is a man who has been trampled, railroaded, filleted, burned, concussed...and also has taken a poo in a hardware store display toilet, and you're just starting to scratch the surface of what human endurance really means. I mean, we're talking about the ingestor of The Vomelette here.

If you delight in the suffering of others - and who doesn't? - we'll see you in the front row to catch some of the shrapnel!

Tickets are available HERE!

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