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Wow. That's all I can say to this upcoming week, cause we've got super special guest after super special guest after super duper special guest, and the specialness just keeps on coming. First off, the craziest news: Seth Rogen and Michael Cera are coming to the Alamo South Lamar for a special sneak screening of SUPERBAD. It's a screening being set up by Sony Pictures and we've only got 20 tickets to give away, but we're going to lottery those out from a pool of FANTASTIC FEST 2008 badge holders. If you've been waiting to prepurchase your badge, now's the time!

But that's just the start. Anyone who's been to see one of the FOUND MAGAZINE shows at the Alamo Downtown knows how bizarrely fun it is to see the best finds of the year presented live. Well now the guys behind DIRTY FOUND, the naughty spin-off, are on tour themselves, and they'll be stopping by the Alamo this Monday! Are there finds they can't print in their magazine? We're not sure. But we know that we'll be sitting in the front row, ready to find out.

The makers of RED VS. BLUE, the super popular Internet series created from the world of HALO, will also be onhand this week, presenting some of their new favorites and answering your questions at TWO shows on Sunday night. They're coming in as part of our official 10 Year Anniversary because we've had them in before and they're always some of our favorite guests. We'll be playing HALO before the movie, too, giving you plenty of opportunities to get all killtastic on us.

THE MOTH story tour is coming by on Thursday, also, so the live entertainment doesn't stop, ever. The idea behind THE MOTH is pretty beautiful in its simplicity too: without the aid of notecards or paper, people tell stories. Stories about their lives, stories about their day, stories of all kinds. For the past few years it's been a sold out smashing success for the NPR and slam poetry crowds of New York, and now they're finally coming to Austin!




Through a long and varied career, Farley Granger has appeared in dozens of movies and many more television shows, but the film he is best known for is one of the most suspenseful motion pictures ever made, an enduring classic, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. Granger plays a young tennis pro travelling by train who inadvertantly makes a very nasty deal with a very nasty man, played by the late, great Robert Walker. In what Granger assumes is a dark joke, they make a pact to kill one inconvenient person for the other. For heir Walker, that inconvenient person is his father, for Granger it is his wife. Soon after the train ride is over, Granger realizes that Walker was dead serious and now he has to carry out his part of the plan or be targeted himself. It's an amazingly lean and simple scenario, carried through to perfection by a great director, Alfred Hitchcock, and two great stars; Farley Granger and Robert Walker. We are truly honored to welcome Farley Granger to the Alamo to share stories about working with Hitchcock and much more.



Saturday, May 5, at the Alamo Downtown

This is truly everybody's lucky day, because the one and only Jon Gries is coming to the Alamo Drafthouse. All the world knows him as the iconic Uncle Rico from the colossal hit NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. And he'll be here to toss the football around with YOU! We don't really need to tell you about NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, do we? Suffice to say it's the best high school movie since FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH and Jon Gries' Uncle Rico provides some of the biggest laughs of the movie.

But that's not the only side-splittingly hilarious movie we'll be showing with Jon Gries. We're also screening the 1983 video arcade comedy JOYSTICKS, starring a very young Jon Gries as the bad ass punk villain King Vidiot. It's an awesomely cool movie and it's a lifelong dream for a generation of uber-geeks to be able to watch this one with the man himself. Click here for tickets to that show!

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