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Come on out and try yourself some BITCHES BREW!

Brew Masters is all new this Sunday and we're hosting another screening at The Ritz.  We have a few tricks up our sleeves for this week, including new video elements to play during commercial breaks as well as a Brew Masters challenge we'll pose to a couple of willing audience members during the show.

And for something extra special, we've been able to obtain 1 of only 10 kegs in Texas of Dogfish Head BITCHES BREW! For those who caught the first episode of Brew Masters, you know that Bitches Brew is a newly commemorative ale celebrating the 40th anniversary of Miles Davis' jazz-funk-rock-fusion masterpiece.  Dogfish describes their latest offering as "a fusion of three threads imperial stout and one thread honey beer with gesho root, a gustatory analog to Miles' masterpiece."

We can't wait to try it, and we hope you'll come out and join us!  Admission to TV at the Alamo is FREE, but you can go ahead and reserve your seat (and your chance to drink some Bitches Brew!) with a $5 food and beverage voucher redeemable for food (and Beer!).

Click HERE to reserve your seat.  We'll see you there!


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