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Come celebrate our first year in Kansas City!

Check out what we have in store for our One Year Anniversary!

Come celebrate our first year in Kansas City!

In honor of the amazing first year that we've had in Kansas City we're celebrating with a week of special events and the arrival of the first ever Fantastic Fest Tour!

The nation’s largest genre film festival will arrive in Kansas City on November 15th! The tour is designed to highlight eight independent titles, and give discerning and adventurous filmgoers across the nation the opportunity to enjoy unique works well before their theatrical and/or online release. Each night will be filled with the best Fantastic Fest has to offer and we couldn't be more excited to be part of it! For all things FANTASTIC, click here.

On November 11th, we’ll be celebrating Veterans Day with a salute to our favorite Vet Walter Sobchak! That’s right THE BIG LEBOWSKI QUOTE-ALONG returns with props and that same pacifist flair! Missing this event would be OVER THE LINE!

It wouldn't be a celebration without a little Tarantino and on November 12th we’ll bring the hypodermic needle! Join us for the PULP FICTION QUOTE-ALONG and the return of cap guns to the Alamo! Not only will you be quoting along with Jules, but you’ll have the opportunity to shoot-along as well!

You've demanded that we play it since we opened the doors and we couldn't think of a better time than now to unleash ALIENS! Tough Ladies month meets its ultimate badass as Ripley returns to the big screen! "THAT'S IT! GAME OVER MAN! GAME OVER..."

But wait! There's more! MIDDLE OF THE MAP will round out our celebration with EMPIRE RECORDS featuring a special Empire Records Soundtrack performance by Kansas City's Antennas Up and a pop up record shop from our friends at Mills Records! EMPIRE RECORDS will be presented in the vinyl of the film world: 35mm! I might just pass out from all this excitement!


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