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Cinema Cocktails presents ON THE TOWN in 35mm!

Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Jules Munshin in 35mm with custom cocktails.

Cinema Cocktails presents ON THE TOWN in 35mm!

Gabey (Gene Kelly), Chip (Frank Sinatra), and Ozzie (Jules Munshin) are three sailors on a 24-hour shore leave in New York City. They have one simple plan: find some fun, maybe some romance, and definitely some drinks before their leave is up.

Gabey instantly falls head over heels for a subway photo of "Miss Turnstiles" and sets himself on a mission with his friends (and some amorous ladies) to find her at any cost. Kelly co-directed this film with Stanley Donen, and it oozes with Kelly’s signature charm. There’s overly elaborate fantasy dance routines and catchy songs that will leave you humming long after you’ve left the theater. But there’s more than that, something else at the film’s core: an overabundance of heart. These three sailors only know these gals for 24 hours, but you’d be hard-pressed to doubt any one of their connections. There’s definitely an earnestness at play that speaks volumes to the enchanting chemistry of the six leads.

So, get ready to fall in love all over again, and, if you’re not ready, we’ll have Bill Norris on hand crafting some custom concocted liquid courage for you to fully enjoy Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly painting the town red, white, and blue in ON THE TOWN in glorious 35mm! (Greg MacLennan)


Jack Rose
Created in Frank’s Hometown of Hoboken, this mixture of Laird’s Straight Apple Brandy, Fresh Lime Juice and Homemade Grenadine will have you singing.

The Manhattan
The iconic New York, New York Cocktail.  Made here with 100 proof rye, sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters.

Ol’ Blue Eyes
Sinatra’s cocktail of choice: two fingers of Jack Daniel's and a splash of water over ice.  "This is a gentlemen's drink," he once said. Frank never touched  the rim of the glass. Cup it in your hand, insulated by a cocktail napkin.



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