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Cinema Club Presents GRAND HOTEL in 35mm w/ UT Professor Tom Schatz!

The author and film historian joins us to discuss this golden-era Hollywood classic.

Cinema Club Presents GRAND HOTEL in 35mm w/ UT Professor Tom Schatz!

Special thanks to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for allowing us this incredibly rare opportunity to screen their 35mm print!!

In this edition of Cinema Club, Dr. Tom Schatz, renowned author of multiple books on the Hollywood studio system and UT professor, joins us for a screening of GRAND HOTEL. This is going to be a great night because not only is this one of the greatest movies to comes out of 1930s Hollywood, but its production history is a perfect example of what made the old studio system so fantastic.

Which makes the fact that, when speaking about the canon of Hollywood classics GRAND HOTEL has been lost in the shuffle.

The film follows a handful of residents in a posh Berlin hotel. And the lineup of characters is a dandy: they include a sly German jewel thief, an American accountant living it up after a fatal diagnosis, a Russian ballerina on the verge of a nervous breakdown, an industrialist and his stenographer.

This setup allows the film to effortlessly explore themes of entitlement, class structure and celebrity, all of which were extremely relevant in Hollywood in the years following the Great Depression. And no less than Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford and John Barrymore make up part of the movie's history-making ensemble of Hollywood legends.

See for yourself as we screen this overlooked gem in beautiful 35mm! (R.J. LaForce)

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