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Check out our new website (beta version)!

There are some big changes afoot here in Alamo Land, and I wanted to let you guys be the first to check one of them out. No, we aren't dedicating every third Wednesday to exclusive screenings of STREETS OF FIRE, no matter how badly Kier-la wants us to. Nor are we reconfiguring every preshow to be filled with nothing but Justin Timberlake, no matter how badly I want us to. This news is even bigger: We're launching a Brand New Website!

That's right, in a couple of weeks when you head over to, you'll be treated to a brand new interface and design! So get your fill of the classic look now, but also check out the new look at, and then tell us what you think! We're still going to be tweaking the look and feel and functionality of everything before we completely replace the classic site, but we wanted to hear from our loyal soldiers first. What do you think? How does it make you feel? Give us your feedback at, appropriately enough, [email protected] and let us know all about it.

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