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Celluloid Handbag presents RUTHLESS PEOPLE


Celluloid Handbag presents RUTHLESS PEOPLE

Alamo Ritz
Wednesday, June 29

Get down to the Ritz tomorrow night to catch a special 35mm screening of what is indubitably Bette Midler's best role as a bitchy, loud, rich lady! As always, Rebecca Havemeyer will be bringing a pre-show that is not to be missed.

"I’VE BEEN KIDNAPPED BY K MART!!"….and there lies one of tha’ best lines outta one of tha’ best comedies ta’ ever make it outta the film factory, ladies and gentlepigs!

I want ya’ll to think long and hard about how much this film means to ya’, and then slap ya’self silly cuz it’s about to be slung into ya laps like a cheap bag a’ ransom money when CELLULOID HANDBAG presents the power of BETTE MIDLER and DANNY DEVITO in the comedy that caught the world by tha’ balls…RUTHLESS PEOPLE! Brought to you by the killer combo of Zucker/Abrahams, the directors that gave us AIRPLANE!...this film is a goldmine of crass and sass from the Divine Miss M, along with a supporting cast to kill ya’ twice! Join ya’ hostess REBECCA HAVEMEYER as she preps the room for a helluva’ botched kidnappin’ you’ll never forget! (Rebecca Havemeyer)

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