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Catch TRUE LIES, A Perfect Tough Guy Movie, at the RItz and Village

We got James Cameron's classic in beautiful 35mm accompanied with live explosions!

Catch TRUE LIES, A Perfect Tough Guy Movie, at the RItz and Village

 Listen, I know you have some options when it comes to seeing a movie about a super-secret agent this coming week. But if Friday comes and your mind isn't totally made up, think about this. Would you rather see a well-dressed British man sip on martinis or a 250lb mountain of muscle driving a Harrier jet through downtown Miami? A dainty pistol fight or a roof-top horseback chase with machine guns?

You see, TRUE LIES is a special kind of action movie. It's the reason why I love doing Tough Guy Cinema (apart from being paid to play with explosives). It's a perfect storm of guys looking as tough as they act, doing things beyond your imagination amongst an orchestra of explosions. This is the type of cinema that needs a theater to be proper celebrated, and a proper celebration we have planned.

We tracked down a 35mm print of this James Cameron classic and ordered ourselves several pounds of explosives and we are giving YOU the opportunity to bear witness to LIVE IN-THEATER PYROTECHNICS while you watch one of the greatest pieces of modern action cinema at the glorious pace of 24 pulse-pounding frames per second.  So if you want comedy, we got AHNULD one-liners and Tom Arnold. You want sexy? We have a SURPRISINGLY sexy Jamie Lee Curtis.

And if you want a night you won't ever regret...we have TRUE LIES! Get your tickets for the remaining shows HERE. You'll laugh, you'll cheer, you'll tango? (Greg MacLennan)


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